kendall and kylie confessions
Hello lovelies! I’m sorry I haven’t been on tumblr in a while…

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Anonymous: Are Jordan and brogan famous for anything? Like P is a singer, are they?

Jordyn has been friends with Jaden since they were really little; might even be family friends actually. And Brogan is a singer on youtube

Anonymous: How much does Kylie weigh?

I believe she weighs around 125 pounds

Anonymous: Are you sure Kendall's 130?? She so much slimmer and taller than me and I'm 110..

You said it, Kendall is taller which most likely adds to her weight.
But a bit of advice: don’t always put weight and appearance together! I know plenty of people who weigh more than they did before their workouts but they look better than ever!

Anonymous: How much does Kendall weigh?

She weighs 130 pounds or 59 kg

Anonymous: Who is dobbie?

Haha do you mean Bobbie Debarge? She’s a singer who was friends with Stella but I’m not so sure anymore. She’s also friends with Telana, Mateo, etc. 

Anonymous: Who is Stella and what happened with Kylie? Also, what happened with Kylie and Cody? What did she tweet? Where they even a couple? How do you know Jaden sent her a bouquet when he was out of town? Thank you xoxo!

Stella is Vanessa Hudgens’s little sister. They were sort of friends because they hung out with the same people (msfts and others) but it’s rumored that they aren’t on good terms because Kylie may be in a relationship with Stella’s ex: Jaden
I answered about Kylie and Cody here 
To answer your 3rd question, Last month while Jaden was touring promoting After Earth, Kendall posted this picture:imagewith the caption “I mean……” and then Kylie replied saying “jealous?” 
This isn’t the first time he’s sent her roses haha. Thanks for the questions! 

Anonymous: What's the meaning of MSFT's ? Xoxo

Msfts is the name that Jaden, Moises, and Mateo made up to describe their lifestyle. Basically it means misfits-not fitting in and not wanting to. Basically, a msft is someone who creates, inspires, and disrupts. :)

Anonymous: Who is your favourite friend of Kylie's? :)

Personally I think that Stas is the most genuine friend she has. Stas is one of the people who have known Kylie the longest, especially out of the msfts. Whenever they’re together I feel like neither of them are fake with one another and their friendship is so sweet :)